The Big Ole Freak -- 64oz (Black)
The Big Ole Freak -- 64oz (Black)

The Big Ole Freak -- 64oz (Black)

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Big, big drip. 64oz reusable water bottles are the stuff of legends...picture King Arthur pulling Excalibur from stone.

That's you, rocking this water bottle.

Featuring a straw lid, because tilting a 64oz water bottle to drink out of it could result in 32oz of that ending up on your pants. We wanted to make things easy for the fam.


1:1 GIVING || Every bottle sold = a bottle given away.

Your purchase doesn't just mean you get a dope new water bottle. It means someone else out there is being given the gift of sustainability.

The average water bottle eliminates 162 plastic bottles from landfills and oceans every year. You're about to eliminate 324.

Where do bottles go when they're distributed in communities?

We work with nonprofits and other organizations to make sure that not only are the right people receiving our bottles, but also that we're providing the necessary education to help people be more sustainable.

Purchasing one of our bottles is another way to pay it forward -- you're helping someone who doesn't currently have access to a reusable bottle receive the gift of being able to spread love to others.


All Dope Bottles have the following features:

  • Double-Wall Insulation -- Cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours, hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours
  • Vacuum Sealed Lid
  • Makes you look like a dope human being
  • Helps eliminate single-use plastics

Because if it didn't check those boxes, the bottle wouldn't be dope. 

(Note: 64oz and 32oz bottles do not fit in cup holders -- but trust us, they're still dope)


Size: 64oz.

Color: Black

Design: Front, Dope Bottle logo (Big Wave + Full) || Back, None (S|M logo)

Mouth (in): 2.25

Bottle Base (in): 4.8

Bottle Height (in): 10

Weight: 1lb, 11.4oz

Cold for 40 hours or hot 12 hours

Does not fit in cup holders

Manufactured by Simple Modern